I’m Gloria. Nice to meet you! 
Graphic design has always been my passion, from early on I started my education taking Photoshop and Corel Draw classes. I didn’t know what graphic design was at the time, but I enjoyed learning image creation programs.
When I moved to the United States, I got a better understanding of what graphic design was. I started college in New Jersey and there, I started exploring image creation through not only computers and devices but also by using different sources and materials. A real appetite for physical construction started developing in this phase.
Later on, while studying Communication Design at Fashion Institute of Technology, I was highly encouraged to explore and experiment with ways to communicate through visuals but now incorporating typographical elements and extensive research.
If I had to describe myself as a designer, I would say that my first concern is effective communication. The message I aim to communicate needs to become relevant and memorable, and I try to achieve this by researching heavily and creating a visual language that ties all the elements together. 
On a daily basis, I seek to continue my explorations with typography exercises, branding creations, and learning new ways to communicate whether it involves language, music, or images. 
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