är•gern [ˈɛrɡɐn ] : 
to annoy
1: to disturb or irritate especially by repeated acts.
2: to harass especially by quick brief attacks.
an•fan•gen [ˈanˌfaŋən] :
to start
1:  to come into being, activity, or operation.
2:  to bring into being.
ant•wor•ten [ˈantˌvɔʁtn̩] :
to answer
1: one that imitates, matches, or corresponds to another.

ar•bei•ten [ˈaʁbaɪ̯tn̩] :
to work
1: to perform or carry through a task requiring sustained effort or continuous repeated operations.

auf•räu•men [ˈaʊ̯fˌʁɔɪ̯mən] :
to clean up
1: to rid of dirt, impurities, or extraneous matter.

aus•se•hen [ˈaʊ̯sˌzeːən] :
to resemble
1: to be like or similar to

ba•den  [ˈbaːdn̩], [ˈbaːdən] :
to bathe
1: to wash in a liquid (such as water)

bau•en [ˈbaʊ̯ən] :
to build
1: to form by ordering and uniting materials by gradual means into a composite whole

be•ei•len [bəˈʔaɪ̯lən] :
to hurry
1:  to carry or cause to go with haste

be•gin•nen [bəˈɡɪnən] :
to begin
1: to come into existence

be•su•chen [bəˈzuːxən] :
to visit
1:  to go to see or stay at (a place) for a particular purpose (such as business or sightseeing)

be•ten [ˈbeːtn̩] :
to pray
1:  to address God or a god with adoration, confession, supplication, or thanksgiving.
2: for this one, I took inspiration on stained glass art found in churches.

be•zah•len [bəˈt͡saːlən] :
to pay
1:  to make due return to for services rendered or property delivered.

be•wer•ben [bəˈvɛʁbn̩] :
to apply
1: make a formal application or request.
2: put oneself forward formally as a candidate for a job.​​​​​​​

bie•gen [ˈbiːɡən] :
to bend
1: shape or force (something straight) into a curve or angle.

blei•ben [ˈblaɪ̯bm̩] :
to stay
1:  remain in the same place.
2: delay leaving so as to join in (an activity).

bli•cken [ˈblɪkn̩] :
to blink
1: (of a light or light source) shine intermittently or unsteadily.
2:  shut and open the eyes quickly.

bre•chen [ˈbʁɛçn̩] :
to break
1: separate or cause to separate into pieces as a result of a blow, shock, or strain.
brin•gen[ˈbriŋən] :
to bring
1: to cause (someone or something) to come to a place.
dan•ken [ˈdaŋkən] :
to thank
1: express gratitude to (someone)
dau•ern [daʊ̯ɐn] :
to last
1: to manage to continue (as in a course of action)
den•ken [ˈdɛŋkə(n)] :
to think
1: to center one's thoughts on
2: to form a mental picture of
dis•ku•tie•ren [dɪskuˈtiːʀən] :
to discuss, debate
1: to present in detail for examination or consideration
2:to investigate by reasoning or argument
drü•cken [ˈdʁʏkŋ̩] :
to press
1: to act upon through steady pushing or thrusting force exerted in contact.
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